Atlanta Wedding String Quartet - Trio - Duo - Violinist

Hire our Atlanta, GA String Quartet, Trio, Duo or Violinist for you Wedding Ceremony, Cocktails or Corporate Event.

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Atlanta String Quartets make a excellent option to perform your ceremony. They have performed at least 2000 weddings and is comprised of accomplished musicians. They perform jazz, classical, and contemporary music.

These string ensembles with exceptional talent will create an amazing and memorable ambience at your celebration, adding the elegance at your wedding's ceremony reception, or dinner.

The space will be filled with music that is captivating and can make your wedding extra memorable. It is possible to have them perform the song that you will be singing as you walk back down the aisle. If you'd prefer to have a more customized experience it is possible to upgrade the ensemble to include a singer.

The string quartet consists of the viola, cello and a double-violin, an ideal combination to accompany at a reception, or to entertain your guests during your reception drinks. It is available to hiring as a trio or duo. The group offers an extensive selection of music that can be tailored to any occasion.

String Poets Ensemble is made from only the best well-known and talented people from the Atlanta, GA area, each having extensive experience performing in studios, orchestras, as well as on international and national stages.

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