Question 1 : What instruments are in a string quartet?
Answer : A string quartet is typically two violins, one viola and one cello. This is our most frequently-requested arrangment. A string quartet allows for the fullest sound, short of an orchestra, for an event hall.
Question 2 : When should we make the music selections?
Answer : We request that music selections are finalized no later than two weeks prior to the wedding. Please let us know as soon you are able if you have any special requests. Also, for your planning, you may want to include our selections in your printed program.
Question 3 : Are you willing to play outdoors?
Answer : String Poets frequently performs outside. In case of precipitation, we need a back-up plan or covered spot to perform. 
Question 4 : Do you perform only as String Quartet?
Answer : We are able to perform in a variety of commbinations, including:  - String Quartet (described above); - String Trio (one violin, one viola, one cello); - String Duo (one violinist and one cellist); - Flute Trio (one flute, one viola, one cello); and - Other combinations, as requested.
Question 5 : How does the ensemble dress?
Answer : The dress code is normally formal: men in tuxedos and women in black. For some occasions a dark suit and long tie will be more appropriate.
Question 6 : What do you require to perform?
Answer : The ensemble requires one chair per musician. The chairs must not have arms or wheels. Unless specifically requested, we do not require amplification. 
Question 7 : Do you play for receptions also?
Answer : Yes. We can play for as little or as much as you arrange. We often play during the cocktail hour and dinner, and frequently the whole of the reception
Question 1 : Our church has an organist included in the fee. Is it possible to incorporate organ and a string ensemble?
Answer : Absolutely! There are many beautiful arrangments for string ensemble and organ. After 30 minutes of the sound of strings during the prelude, it can be a great color change to use organ and strings for the bride’s entrance, for example. The recessional is another great spot to collaborate. If there are congregational hymns in your ceremony, the organ would of course be most useful. Additionally, the organist often is very helpful with cueing/coordinating the strings with the proceedings.
Question 2 : Will you perform with vocalists?
Answer : String Poets can certainly accommodate vocalists. It is best if we coordinate, ahead of time, details about keys, sheet music, etc.
Question 3 : Do you need to rehearse with the vocalist(s)?
Answer : So that we can ensure the best performance possible for your wedding, we prefer to rehearse with the vocalist(s) at least 30 minutes prior to the prelude.